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Organic Seasoned Compost

Organic Manure Compost

We combine tons of raw alfalfa and grass in addition to fine organic wood shavings. Horse manure and shavings are collected and deposited over a 12 to 24 month period. We irrigate the windrow pile and turn it regularly until cooked to a nutrient rich, dark compost.

Our organic compost works great for soil sweetening, container gardening, worm farming, field applications and more. We also use as a tea base for use in our microbial garden teas.

Microbial Tea

Use a 5 gal bucket, a 50 gal drum or any large food grade container. Add some molasses and an air stone for upto 24 hours and you will create microbes that will benefit your garden greatly.

  • Top Dress
  • Dress and Til
  • Side Dress

Annual Nutrient Test

Organic  Products.

Our organic compost supplies the local community with a great and inexpensive alternative to chemical fertalizer. We use our compost to keep our vegatables healthy and bountiful and our pastures healthy and green.

Is there herbicides in our compost?

Some have inquired if the feed and manure contains glyphosate or other herbicide. We have had the same alfalfa supplier for decades. A local source that does not use any herbicide on their crops.  

Certified Organic Wood Products

Because some horses are allergic or sensitive to glues and other processing chemicals often used at lumber mills, we source only certified organic wood products.